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Rachel Rodriguez  •  Lifestyle

Rachel Rodriguez  •  Lifestyle

The Vanilla Milkshake Experience

Moments of gratitude can be found anywhere that you intentionally look, why not find it with a vanilla milkshake. It'll add that cherry on top!

The Vanilla Milkshake

It’s becoming a ritual every Friday when I pick my son up at school. He will either want to play with one of his friends in the front grass area of his school. Or when he finds out that he isn’t able to play with his friends, usually the nanny will come and pick them up; he will then say “milkshake!”

Today was milkshake day!

Almost everywhere you go they will have the option of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry flavors. I like to ask him, "what milkshake do you want today?" Even though I already know what he will choose, I still ask to give him this option. 

As predicted “vanilla milkshake!.” I, on the other hand, choose strawberry. Yummmm

The last time that we came to this restaurant I chose a chocolate milkshake and we sat outside. Chocolate is one of those flavors that you intend to insert when you want to change it up. At least, that's how I feel about chocolate.

vanilla milkshake

The Chocolate Milkshake

On the other hand, today we found a booth at the front of the restaurant and waited as our food was being made. The restaurant was filling up fast, busy with hungry people. My son and I were off in the corner in our own little world.

Time stopped today it was just him and I. 

Once our food came it was fresh and hot, ready to eat! 

I covered my lettuce wrap burger with extra pickles and extra tomatoes with the intention of having it for dinner. It’s basically a salad, right?!

In my mind, it has all of the essentials, but I’ll add a few more vegetables to the plate once I eat it. 

Lunchtime was fries and milkshake. My son was watching a show so I tuned in. I’ve seen this dad and son before on the screen. It’s kind of cute, they reenact Jurassic Park with dinosaurs chasing them or they’re out looking for them. What I love the most is how my son watches the show, expresses his emotions, and then when we play at home he learned something from these shows and likes to play with dinosaurs. 

At this time, I saw my son eating his fries while sitting next to me. 

Next, he leans in close to me because I’m sitting next to him, proceeds to look up at me, and says “mommy I love you!” Grabs his milkshake and takes a sip. I soaked that moment up as if the lilies in our front yard were soaking up the sun. What a moment?! What a memory! 

The Strawberry Milkshake

I grabbed my strawberry milkshake and did 'cheers' with him. Then I leaned over exactly as he did before, and said “I love you too!”

My son is young, but they grow up so fast. I cherish these moments over food, grateful for experiencing a full hour of uninterrupted time with my son.

Looking back to where I used to be, I don’t think I would’ve had this opportunity. I value time now more than ever, my world stops with my son around.

Unquestionably, I build time within my day to be as productive as I can be so that I leave our time to reconnect before bed. 

However, I love the break within my day to see him, his smile, and I always ask what’s the one fun thing you did today? I found that I get a clear look into his day because he really thinks about it and then elaborates even more on the small details.

mom and son drinking milkshake

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Smash Your Grape

I love creating an experience with food, out of food, or from food.

Going beyond weight loss and indulging in life is so much more fun!

I don’t know about you, but my guess is you want to be happy and enjoy life too.   

So whether your choice of flavor is vanilla, chocolate, or milkshake the experience with someone else, such as your child adds the cherry on top!

Have A Grapefull Day!