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Rachel Rodriguez  •  Lifestyle

The Waterfall Experience

Create a tranquil atmosphere by escaping to a waterfall.

Visit a Waterfall to Escape

The sand is buttery soft. Crisp white and I melt into the beach with each footstep. I see afar my destination, the waterfall.

I smile to myself walking along the beach and one of my favorite movies pops into my head, Couples Retreat “it looks like a screen saver!” A memorable moment as the couples arrived on the island for their retreat. 

Even though this was filmed on the beautiful island of Bora Bora, at the St. Regis Hotel, an island with a waterfall is the perfect place to escape to. 

bathing in waterfall

Waterfall Crashing Down

Indeed, a destination as beautiful as Bora Bora tops my bucket list. Although, Hawaii, is a favorite place for me ever since I was a teenager.

The deep blues, and green colors of the ocean with the sunlight shining all around me. Memories of all my Hawaii trips flood in as each of them are fond memories of when I traveled there.

Yet, I’m in my own world right now, as I soon escape. I think to myself I’ve been waiting all morning for this, for me time. I hear the water crashing down. 

I look up, take a deep breath and step underneath the waterfall. My face muscles relax as I feel tiny fingertips tapping my head, my face, and now my back. Another deep breath and as I melt.

Escaping to a waterfall is nothing short of paradise and beautiful creation. 

This is my place forever to escape. Oh yeah, I hear the birds chirping in the trees and wow what’s that?! Mmm the smell of coconut! My favorite. 

Benefits of a Waterfall

I hear my husband say something but I can’t hear him that well under the pounding water. I move my head from side to side and every muscle relaxes. Deep breath in and out!

“Honey breakfast is ready,” my husband says.

I turn the nozzle to turn off the water and tell him I’ll be right there. I grab my towel and think to myself I’ll escape tomorrow. Let’s get the day started.

Get started with your day, not as a routine, or something you dread doing. In fact, make it as an escape. Let your mind relax while taking a shower, escape to another destination. Taking a shower in the morning can produce some of the most intriguing and best ways to start your day. 

Remember your favorite destination

My family and I went on a Christmas vacation, my son’s first airplane trip! It was extremely memorable introducing him to The North Shore on Oahu.

We drove all around the island, introducing him to different foods, and destinations. Then we drove to another private beach, where he played in white sand, soft and clean!

The ocean was as beautiful and crisp as I described above. The beach is my happy place and I’ll go there at a moment's notice!

You'll feel refreshed and energized so that you're ready to tackle the day. But how can you enhance it even more? 

Enhance your morning routine and showers by escaping to your favorite travel destination. It reminds me of all the times I went to Hawaii, one of my favorite places to visit.


Smash Your Grape

Mentally escape to your favorite destination to give you the breaks you need. I like to start my days off by taking a trip down memory lane.

The beach is my happy place, and visiting a waterfall is both beautiful and mesmerizing; even if it is in the confines of my bathroom and a daily shower.

Have A Grapefull Day!

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