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Shape Your Grape

Shape Your Grape's

The all-in-one toolkit for designing the health-conscious lifestyle - one bite at a time!

We have an inner drive to take a different perspective on life because we believe in living a health-conscious lifestyle.

The way we challenge and shift this perspective is by designing a realistic approach, integrating practical strategies, and then tailoring it for you. 

Together, we design the healthiest, most sustainable way of living. 

In addition, we embrace 3 specialties as 1 bundled experience:

Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Health Coach 


1:1 Virtual Nutrition & Fitness Specialist - Tailored to Shape Your Health!

Shape Your Grape

Are you ready to experience

Shape Your Grape

icon-oval-grapes-green Shape your Meals

Are you ready to create a deliberate path towards healthy eating?

Feed your intent with what matters most.

Rebuild the fundamentals of nutrition to shape your meals- quicker & better!

Learn buildable steps and creative strategies for when you're strapped for time. 

Go beyond weight loss where there’s less restrictions, and more tasting.

icon-oval-grapes-red Shape your Body

Are you ready to gain more confidence through fitness?

Fuel your path with more energy throughout your day!

Develop strategies for setbacks, hurdles, and barriers because life happens and we keep moving forward.

Fitness. It’s more than burning calories, it shapes your body. Get fit, and be strong - let's do this!

icon-oval-grapes-red Shape your Lifestyle

Are you ready to anchor your life starting at the roots?

Nourish your thoughts with a deeper alignment with the mind, body, and inner self. 

Uncover strategies to prioritize your needs because it isn’t selfish; it’s a necessity.

Create small changes that make a huge difference because you're the backbone of your family. 

Discover a more enjoyable life through food and exercise - taste life once again!

Our Client Success Stories

Yo-Yo Dieting

I felt so overwhelmed and would restrict my eating at family events. I used to struggle with gaining and losing the same 20+pounds. Now I focus on the flavors of each dish, my eyes are drawn to more colors on my plate, and savor each bite. Now that I’ve experienced the difference and the relief I don’t want to go back. My pants feel better my stomach feels amazing. And that head fog, that cloudiness is gone! 


Guilty Pleasures & Smothering Shame

I learned so much about myself and what mattered to me most! Eating outside of the house became fun. My son and I bonded over sprinkle-covered ice cream and left the guilt and shame in the trash.


Support & Accountability

Rachel was so focused on me growing that losing weight became less important. It gave me hope and I started to get motivated on a deeper level. It was the support that I needed most and I created an inner growth that I never thought was possible. She is amazing!


Ready to Smash your grape!

Reaching a point of no return is often the case and draw a line in the sand. Without hesitation I mentally smashed the weight I no longer wanted to see on the scale, I gained more confidence, and never looked back!


Embrace the Challenge

While I resisted more than anything Rachel is very persistent and the kind of coaching that I needed. I’ve tried weight loss apps before and there’s something different about having weekly sessions. I embraced the challenge, and lost 30 pounds! But I gained so much more from this!


Celebrate the Wins

I saw Rachel originally because I didn't feel like myself, I wanted to feel whole again. My world was turned upside down, quitting my job, and raising a family; the stress became too much. On top of that, I was gluten intolerant and had severe stomach pains. Thanks to Rachel's background she helped me become symptom-free. My life changed, my future is so much brighter and we celebrate these small wins as a family every day!


icon-oval-grapes-red Shape Your Future With   Rachel  

A leader at heart and a caring motivator.

I have an inner drive to be different and creative in every way.

To live a health-conscious life knowing that you already have the

confidence, autonomy, and resilience rooted in you.

I just help support and guide you there!

Go beyond the cookie-cutter approach

Their Restrictions

Will often create a box around your life, leaving you feeling confined!

Their Rules

Will often contradict important information for your health, leaving you feeling overwhelmed!

Their Resistance

Will often narrow your long-term road towards success, leaving you on that hamster wheel!

Their Removal

Will often remove certain food groups, leaving you regaining weight in the end!

Go beyond the cookie-cutter approach, jump off that hamster wheel, and smash the fad diet box into pieces!

Are you ready to create a deliberate path?

Are you ready to gain more confidence?

Are you ready to anchor your life starting at the roots?

Taste Life. Experience A Healthy Lifestyle.

Shape Your Grape

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Shape Your Grape

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Shape Your Grape

1 Month



4 Sessions

60 Minutes each session

Shape Your Grape

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12 Sessions

60 Minutes each session

Shape Your Grape

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1 Session

60 Minutes each session

Shape Your Grape

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