Hi there! I'm Rachel

Together, we'll design a healthy lifestyle that integrates food and exercise.

We shift perspectives, think differently, and break free from the confines of the fad diet box.

In fact, we embrace these elements before SMASHING them into pieces!

It’s more than a journey. It’s an experience.

Shape Your Grape

Our Beliefs

Feed Your Intent

Fuel Your Path

Nourish Your Thoughts

Shape Your Grape

Our Purpose

We shape the healthiest, most sustainable lifestyle

- one bite at a time!

Shape Your Grape

Our Method

The Grape Method is the most efficient

and comprehensive toolkit for developing

the most healthy way of living

Shape Your Grape

Are you ready to "SMASH YOUR GRAPE" by drawing a line in the sand?

Rachel is the real deal with a growth mindset and love to learn:

Credentials and Education

Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist
Masters of Nutritional Science
Bachelors of Nutritional Science
ACE- Certified Personal Trainer
ACE- Certified Health Coach
Weight Management Certificate
Science of Happiness Certificate
Alternative Nutrition Certificate
Sustainable Food Systems Certificate

Overview of Shape Your Grape

What is it?

Shape Your Grape provides 1:1 Virtual/Remote coaching sessions tailored to shape your health.

You'll learn nutrition strategies, gain confidence in fitness, and build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Who's Rachel?

You'll be guided on a deliberate path by Rachel Rodriguez.

A leader at heart with 10+ years as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist condensing her knowledge and packing each 1:1 session with tried and true fundamentals.

Is this for me?

Shape Your Grape embraces the health-conscious who is done with the fad diet hamster wheel, overwhelmed with what to do, or doubting your ability to create a healthy lifestyle.

At this point, aren't you ready to smash the fad diet box into pieces?!

Our Clients

Shape Your Grape


What if you could learn effective nutrition strategies so that you could create healthier meals, eat tasty foods, and discover the diet that works for you?

Shape Your Grape


What if you could gain confidence and discover your inner strength through workouts and exercising while handling a busy schedule and overwhelm?

Shape Your Grape


What if you could build a process that works for you at ANY life stage that unfolds into a lifestyle created by your root system?

Design a way of living - together we accomplish so much more!

Debbie & Baby Anna

The New Mom & Happy Baby Experience

As a new mother, I did not know where to start. I wasn’t even sure what was causing my child to have such difficulty with sleep and belly in such distress.

Rachel helped unfold so much that I would likely not of discovered on my own, she was knowledgeable, genuine, and patient.

Her follow-through was incredible!

Feelings of being overwhelmed, tense, and on edge turned to relief! We're truly happy and living now! 


The Roadmap Experience

I was having difficulty finding short workouts, overwhelmed with my eating - I grew up in a clean-your-plate household!

Rachel helped educate me on working out and proper eating habits so that I can make sound decisions instead of following a strict diet or "system." She was adamant about guiding me to understand fitting everything within my life. 

The roadmap that Rachel provided improved my cardio and strength. Everything came together - I'm making better meal decisions, getting in a 30-minute workout, and the best part- MORE energy for my long working hours!

Rachel Rodriguez is a leader at heart and a caring motivator:

Here are 8 fun facts to embrace her even more:

  • My son fills my heart, and my husband lights up my eyes. I breathe every breath for them! Our family is complete with 2 furry cats and 1 loving dog.
  • I gained 70+ pounds during pregnancy! Then asked the nurse at the hospital to not tell me my weight after my water broke. I have since lost over 85 pounds! (Maintenance is the hardest part of losing weight, I’ve been there too!)
  • I connect with food! The only diet I truly consider myself on is gluten-free and lactose-free because I have a high intolerance to both. I love food, I don’t diet!
  • I bond with friends and family over meals and especially during the Holidays. Christmas is by far my favorite: the lights, the decorations, presents…. Yours too?! Awesome. If not, that’s ok there are other holidays we can celebrate together.
  • Real Housewives (pick your city, I watch them all) is my favorite show while I do yoga.
  • I get energized by reading, learning, and researching. A true bookworm.
  • My favorite quote: “Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.” I’ve learned everything I can from the hardest moments and situations that have happened to me. I revised my book of life...then I burned it to ashes!
  • I meditate and drink chamomile and moringa tea every night. I wake up every morning and thank God for a good night’s sleep.


The Sadness to Greatness Experience

The heaviest I've ever been, and I was extremely sad! Constantly feeling guilty about eating.

I got caught in a vicious cycle of harm to my mind and body and I couldn't figure out how to get out. I WANTED OUT!

And then everything changed, it was literally a whole life transformation. Rachel made it so obvious and simple, specifically tailored to my needs.

I learned how to change the way I look at food and weight loss. It helped me achieve my goals, but also redirected my way of thinking about "dieting."


The Life-Changing Experience

I remember walking into the kitchen and being excited about the food I was going to make! I hadn't felt that way...ever!

I looked at myself in the mirror and felt good, happy, and confident. I had energy and didn't feel cloudy. 

That overwhelming feeling was gone. It was like suddenly I had taken control of my life. It was life-changing.

Taste Life. Experience A Healthy Lifestyle.

Click on the video below to see how you SMASH YOUR GRAPE!

We believe in living a healthy lifestyle, and I'm guessing you do as well! I'd be honored to guide and support you on your new path.

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