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Hi there! I'm Rachel

At Shape Your Grape, we're all about redefining eating for modern demands. Our client-centric approach and health-conscious community are here to guide you toward a (new) way of wellness, where you can explore and fuel a life of limitless adventures.

We're constantly striving to uncover new insights and share them with you through original content and thought-provoking explorations.

Our curiosity about the art and science of nutrition sets us apart from the rest.

We're not satisfied with the status quo, and that's why we're committed to pushing the bounds of innovation in health and wellness. I'm proud to be The Trailblazing Dietitian leading the way.

Shape Your Grape

To inspire a new generation of health-conscious individuals who view wellness as an ongoing journey rather than a destination, fueled by the power of community and the joy of living a vibrant, purposeful life.

Let's discover the transformative power of mind-body nourishment together!


Shape Your Grape

Our Non-Negotiables


We are passionate about exploring the art and science of nutrition to uncover new insights and innovative solutions.

Providing our clients with a transformative perspective on the power of food.

Shape Your Grape


By choosing the scenic route over shortcuts, we believe that the journey to wellness is an adventure worth taking.

We are dedicated to helping our clients in living their lives to the fullest.

Shape Your Grape


We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our offerings and finding creative ways to add value to our clients' lives.

We push the boundaries and discover new paths to optimal health and well-being.

Shape Your Grape

Rachel is a leader at heart with a growth mindset:

Credentials and Education

Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist
Masters of Nutritional Science
Bachelors of Nutritional Science
ACE- Certified Personal Trainer
ACE- Certified Health Coach
Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Weight Management Specialist
Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Specialist
Alternative Nutrition Specialist
Sustainable Food Specialist
Science of Happiness Specialist
Shape Your Grape

NutriJourney: Eat Well to Live Well
Design Your Roadmap to Mind-Body Nourishment

Discover how to fuel your mind, body, and soul with nourishing food and design a personalized roadmap to living well - IN JUST 8 WEEKS.

Click on the video below to see how you can start living life (on your terms).

The Grape Philosophy

To us, good health is a journey, not a destination. We believe that achieving optimal health requires a personalized journey toward mind-body nourishment.

We strive in taking a holistic approach to health, which means focusing not only on what you eat but also on how you move, sleep, and think.

We encourage you to embrace the journey, to be kind to yourself, and to take small steps every day toward eating well to living well.

Our philosophy is grounded in the idea that nourishing your mind and body is essential to living a happy and fulfilling life.

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