Rachel Rodriguez  •  Nutrition

Rachel Rodriguez  •  Nutrition

The Dessert Experience

Have you ever watched someone receive a birthday cake in a restaurant and think, you've gotta have a piece of that?!

An Experience in a restaurant

Have you ever watched someone in a restaurant eat dessert? 

Not just any kind of dessert- a chocolate-covered cake, with colorful sprinkles! It looks delicious. It looks mouth-watering.

You're about to experience something that'll leave you drooling. Are you ready to pick up your fork? ...Dig in!

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The Dessert

Picture this it’s someone’s birthday sitting next to you and the whole family and friends are there gathering around the table and booth. It’s decorated with celebratory balloons and gifts on the table. They’re laughing and hugging, excitement is in the air tonight! 

After all, it’s a birthday! The food spread everywhere; appetizers have been ordered. Drinks are flowing and clanking together; “cheers!” 

Then the birthday cake has arrived! It’s big, three layers high; chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, colorful sprinkles, and looks absolutely decadent. Candles are on top and it spells out happy birthday. 

You’re looking and it’s mesmerizing. You’re watching everyone at that table across from you, they’re singing happy birthday.

The Birthday

Glimpses of your birthday fall in your head and the times your friends and family have done this for you. You smile as it’s a fond memory for yourself. You clap with everyone to celebrate with them and then they start cutting the cake. 

The first piece always goes to the birthday girl and you watch with amazement as that fork cuts through each layer. The frosting is all over the fork and as she goes to puts it in her mouth she closes her eyes and you see her relax as she’s absorbing the sounds, the smells that chocolate is melting in her mouth. 

And you think dude I want a piece of that! 

You look at your plate, back at that chocolate cake and how you think “wtf, this is bullsh**!”

The Moment

At that very moment, you realized you put yourself on a “diet.” You picked your meal solely based on it being “low calorie” and what looked “ok” from the options listed. Yet, you finally realized you don’t enjoy eating. In fact, you hate it. You’re constantly hungry, you’re not losing weight and it finally sunk in, deep within you that you want to enjoy food.

You’ve tried all of these diets and you’re miserable. Absolutely miserable! 

Then your next move is to finally put the fork down and you are so mad. You’re so fed up with counting calories. So pissed about low-fat diets, add more protein here and low-carb meals! 

Finally, you’re saying “this diet sucks!” You look over and there are grapes on the table and you taste a grape, the crunch, the sweetness, and the flavorful grape juice inside fills your mouth.

Smash Your Grape

When you experience what tasting is really like:

You become more focused. 

You become even more determined. You want something different. Be different. Be you!

You smash your grape with your fist and are done! 

Experience tasting food once again. Taste life to live!

It’s time to shape your grape!

Have A Grapefull Day!

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