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Rachel Rodriguez  •  Body

Rachel Rodriguez  •  Body

Every Step. Every Challenge.

What if your next step is the one that challenges you the most? …Would you take it?

The most successful athletes share the same traits...they're able to overcome obstacles, hurdles, and setbacks by embracing the challenges in front of them.

Here’s some examples that expand further on traits and put them into practice. 

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They take the first step

A recent client of mine took about 9 months off exercising. He was going through a renovation and then being in the line of work that he’s in, year-end started.

As many people hold different positions in the workforce, nights often run longer than usual, early morning meetings that were unexpected, and the days dragged on longer than they should have.

“It’s daunting at the thought of starting to work out again!”

runner in woods

This was my client’s response when we initially started our sessions together. I’m metaphorically grouping everyone to say that for anyone starting a new workout program or taking a few months off, (9 months such as my client), it can be very daunting!

What would it mean for you if you took the first step? 

Initially, thinking about a workout, preparing for a game, or lifting weights all begin somewhere. Then thinking turns into motion by taking that first step. Everyone’s journey begins somewhere!

female runner

They know their why

In my last career I understand the power of why, not in the context of asking why; however, in helping my team understand the meaning behind doing something.

It usually turned out to be explaining a new initiative that was coming out and I needed the team to understand what it was for. In the beginning, it was hard to understand the meanings behind it and then be able to translate them for my team.

Although, over time I came to realize once I understood the A-Z behind it, it was easier to push forward. With this in mind, the why behind anything is a question that I often ask myself throughout the day.

Some questions that come to mind and can challenge your situation include: What could this mean? Or simply ask yourself what about this means something to me? And see what your responses are…

They never stop improving

Learn - Gain - Build

These are the foundations for a new program that I’m creating called The Roots Program.

It’s ONLY for the health-conscious who want an extra boost in nutrition AND fitness strategies to get ahead of everyone else! Anchor your spot and join the waitlist today.

I believe that Happiness is built from progress and inner growth, it’s rooted in all of us! The shift from reaching goals is often overused and frankly used incorrectly.

From my experience, when there’s a shift from “I have to reach my goal!” to “I want to learn more about X” that’s where the improvement and growth occur.

Each activity and each exercise is rooted in the framework to tackle the next workout or the next run.

Running Outdoors
female working out

They embrace the challenge

Unfortunately, setbacks, hurdles, and obstacles will happen. It’s almost part of fitness and challenging yourself that there needs to be some sort of acceptance about this. Although, what do you do instead?

While most people will stop or give up once something is too hard! I find that others will push against their comfort zone to see what could happen. I’d often ask my clients what could be the opportunity this gives you?

Next, we create detours that help strategize with these challenges because as you know they will happen. My client from above mentioned that once you get past those first 2 weeks, the fun comes back! He sees the changes and the growth by gaining more confidence on the inside. 

I find myself fascinated with a lot of athletes, ultrarunners, and elite athletes because of the amount of work and dedication that goes along with learning about their bodies.

More than likely, it’s why they’re sought after for motivational speeches and heavily looked up to.

I believe they have an inner drive that propels them forward. It’s what makes them an athlete. However, I do believe there’s an athlete that’s rooted in all of us too! We just need to take the first step and see what happens next…

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Smash Your Grape

Taking the first step is the hardest part.

Knowing the meaning behind why you're doing something is your truth.

Constantly pushing yourself against your comfort zone will lead to learning, gaining, and building a better life.

Because you embraced the challenge!

Have A Grapefull Day!