Rachel Rodriguez  •  Lifestyle

Rachel Rodriguez  •  Lifestyle

Our Story. Our Purpose.

Welcoming you to Shape Your Grape! Our story. Our purpose and so much more!

Our Beliefs

At Shape Your Grape, we are committed to shaping your life through a nutrition-fitness-health bundled experience.

Our beliefs are built on a strong foundation and desire to live a health-conscious lifestyle to feed your intent, fuel your path, and nourish your thoughts.

Cultivating the mind, body, and inner self for your future.

Our Story

Coach Rachel has over 10 years of experience as a Licensed Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. She moved up in Operations and succeeded in leading her team while caring for patients in the healthcare world. She branched out and led a path to open her own business, with her skill set, knowledge, and background she wanted to elevate the standards by giving more to her clients.

Her growth mindset enabled her to become a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Health Coach with many other certifications backing up her expertise. However, even with a strong nutritional background and extensive health and fitness knowledge, there was a time when she found herself struggling with excessive weight gain.

Not only did she gain 70-plus pounds while pregnant with her son, but she felt disconnected from herself. She was in the same boat as many others struggling in their lives – drifting out to sea, having a hard time finding her way back to shore.

Coach Rachel

In a moment of clarity, she realized she no longer wanted to live her life without direction and grabbed on to what brought her joy – her husband and her son. Her son was eating grapes one day and popped one into his and said, “Hi mommy – It’s delicious!”

At that moment, Rachel realized what she was missing– hearing her son and husband laugh, reveling in their smiles, eating food that made her feel whole again. She drew her line in the sand and decided to “smash her grape!” She chose to experience the most from her life and began shaping her grape and tasting life once again.

Equally important, Rachel believes life is a series of books and she chose to close the book that represented a small insignificant portion in her life and burned it to ash. She used the knowledge and training she had at her disposal to begin shaping her life, her purpose, her body – her grape. She began gathering more knowledge and experience to craft a program that would cultivate curiosity through nutrition and fitness that has become The Grape Method. This is built on nutrition and fitness strategies that integrate a health-conscious lifestyle unique and personalized for you!

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide a virtual coaching experience that is truly personalized. It is not a diet or fitness program – it goes beyond weight loss by breaking down barriers so that you can draw a line in the sand.

We want you to taste food, enjoy workouts, and experience a sense of wholeness that'll leave you wanting to do more in life.

Coach Rachel provides a fun and interactive bundled experience that builds on moments of momentum (MOM) to achieve results. The Grape Method can help you use buildable steps and creative strategies to taste life again and never look back.

Are you ready to smash your grape? Get started today. You deserve to start tasting life once again!

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Shape Your Grape is committed to bringing you science-based evidence material in a fun and witty way. Please expect an experience, ideas on food and eating, different ways that exercise can benefit you, and a whole lot on health.

Furthermore, expect that I don’t always sugar coat things, I’ll have you laughing so hard you’ll think “Did she really write that?! Yep, I sure did, enjoy!”

Have A Grapefull Day!

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