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Rachel Rodriguez  •  Lifestyle

Rachel Rodriguez  •  Lifestyle

The Ice Cream Experience

Experience tasting ice cream on a whole other level by indulging in life.

One of my favorite movies is Bride Wars, with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. There’s a scene where one of the friends finished working out and hears that both ladies are getting engaged. Do you remember this scene? …she’s still on the phone and opens her fridge, takes the lid off a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream container, and pops it in the microwave! Frazzled-stressed and overwhelmed were all over her face. 

This is how most people deal with cravings, feelings, and stress. Food for thought has become food for comfort during tough times. It’s snacks and easy to grab items that you end up mindlessly munching on. 

Yet, what if there was a better way? A healthier way to not only deal with the emotions, and the hurdles of the day, and enjoy your meals. Or perhaps ice cream!

Think about it, the moments that you’re calm and relaxed you’re not producing cortisol because you’re not in a high-stressed situation. So what if you could eat delicious ice cream because you want to! …And experience it with someone else! Keep reading more…

Crave Ice Cream

Cravings are similar to an ocean wave; the increase in intensity and the still water. Yet, at some point, you’re not sure how intense one might be or how long it will last.

There’s so much that you can unpack from this discovery, it reminds me of when I was younger and heard the ice cream truck. It was always a white truck, with that window opened, and lots of pictures of the ice cream flavors on the side.

And that song…it was always the same song that played loudly! 

The kids from the neighborhood would all run outside and gather around the truck to get ice cream. Not only was it fun, but on those hot days, it gave you something to look forward to.

ice cream

Looking back now, I wonder was it the ice cream that I craved or was it the connection that came from being around the other kids. Usually, afterward, a bunch of us would run around the courtyard, play kick the can, or tag.

As a child, the outside play was the best! Ice cream happened to be what started most of these playdates. So many good memories of going out to eat ice cream, getting a scoop at birthday parties, and having family fun times on a Friday night! 

You craved ice cream when you were a kid, however, as you get older you learn to indulge in the sweetness of it!

strawberry ice cream

Indulge Ice Cream

As I grew up, I would indulge in it frequently with my husband especially when we were dating. There was a Baskin Robbins down the street where I used to live and after dinner, we would walk. Oftentimes it led us directly toward this ice cream shop. 

I loved the variety of flavors, we would always try and pick different kinds and then try each other. Not to mention, seeing the different combinations that have developed over the years is incredible. 

Once we started to expand our taste buds we tried gelato, it’s hard to go back to regular ice cream! Especially after we visited Italy and experienced the taste of authentic gelato ice cream in Venice. Hands down, Italians got it right! …Read more about that here…

The flavors and full fatness is mouthwatering! Pistachio and vanilla gelato are definitely my favorite.

There was a time when we tried Salted Straw, an ice cream parlor close to Disneyland that creates its own flavorful concoctions, with full-fat milk and delicate ingredients. It’s delicious!

You gotta try it!

Now that we’ve added a son to our family we’ve already scooped up a few scoops for him, and he devours it!

Devour Ice Cream

There was one day that my son and I went for ice cream. It was something that I had to schedule within my week because I was extremely busy and promised him this treat! 

We found a gluten-free and dairy-free ice cream shop not too far from where we live. So we decided to play at the park for a while and then cool off there. 

I ordered a combo of peanut butter and strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone. My son ordered vanilla, his favorite!

He ended up liking the peanut butter flavor more and wanted to switch cones…go figure! 

We sat there talking about his schooling, teachers, and friends. Different activities that he was doing, baking at school, and what he enjoyed the most. A few family fun events were coming up as well. A lot of good conversation to say the least. 

mom and son eat ice cream

It was at that moment that I realized I’d been missing the connection with my son these last few days. I’ve been “caught up” and “preoccupied,” all the while missing this sweet boy's laugh and smile! It brought me back to when I was a child and connecting with the other kids… spending time together and having fun!

Calories didn’t matter at all, nor did I care about them because I was spending time with my son while devouring this ice cream cone. It was a beautiful day with the warmth outside. The ice cream was already starting to meltdown his hand. And he had a cute little mustache forming as well, this made me laugh. 

It was as if the stress and preoccupied week melted away with the melting ice cream, and landed on the cement floor in front of us. The to-do lists can wait, and the laundry isn’t going anywhere, but this time with my son is so sweet and precious. I made sure to scoop him up and give him a big kiss! He’s what mattered most at this moment! 

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Smash Your Grape

Over the years I’ve noticed some of the most enjoyable experiences were always around food, particularly desserts.

Ice cream is part of my lifestyle because I choose to have it there. And I wanted to indulge in life as much as possible.

Sweets have so much more to offer than just milk, sugar, and fat- that’s the basis.

However, the meaning you put behind it will determine how you’re body reacts to it. I’d rather discover the gift that’s hiding in every taste!

Why not indulge in life a little more, live a little, and add some sprinkles while you’re at it!

Have A Grapefull Day!