Rachel Rodriguez  •  Fitness

Rachel Rodriguez  •  Fitness

The Flat Road Experience

A beautifully scenic route can turn into a bumpy hill.

Find your Flat Road

Peloton has become a staple in our household and it never fails to jump on this stationary bike as it provides a combination of exercise and an experience.

Competing with the road

Often finding myself competing more with myself than others while on Peloton. I challenged myself with one of Peloton's options to a scenic route cycling the Big Sur, California.

Denis Morton is an all-time favorite of mine for cycling and yoga practices. In this experience, he mentioned, "find your flat road, do what works for you!"

This got me thinking. Applying these kinds of statements and offering a state of reflection has always been a part of my day and life.

Initially, I found my life could be seen as my road.  In fact, it mimicked this flat road while cycling today because the flat road didn't last very long. The scenic route was integrated with hills, twists, and turns. Denis does a good job coaching you along the way, but it's still up to you to push yourself.

big sure california

Fork in the road

It reminded me of a time in my life when I came to a fork in the road.  Do I turn right or left, I thought?

At the time, I didn't understand why I started to doubt myself. But I did. I was unsure of what to do in my life.

Initially, I was afraid to choose one direction over another. Which turn is best? What if you make a mistake?

And then I thought to myself... Does it really matter?! We all make mistakes in the end. Make a decision and go!

I'm a true believer in - everything happens for a reason! We may not know what that reason is, oftentimes we never do. However, looking back and gaining perspective I see how things have turned out for me. Setbacks, drawbacks, and steep hills are inevitable, not avoidable.

Life happens, mistakes will always come up- the true power is what we take from it. I have learned so much from my mistakes and events that have forever changed my life.

Unfortunately, the fork in the road was determined for me. Or was it?!

We're past the fork in the road, the direction has been made. Is it the right one, I asked myself. I don't know, I'm unsure. But it feels right!

Ahead of me, I see the flat road ahead. We're on a downhill slope now and I started to pick up speed, intentionally knowing that hills will eventually come.

Naturally, I find myself becoming more focused on my breathing to recover from the uphill. More in tune with my body and how it’s responding. A flat road offers a chance to not only recover but provide a chance to push yourself. 

As a result, I started to care less about the numbers on the screen and in life. Numbers do tell a story, they don't lie! With the push and pull of my feet, I begin to ground myself in moments of clarity. Trusting myself, because this is what truly matters. 

Find your flat road

The road ahead is hard and tough, with cracks and holes. My road consists of making an impact and shaping a lifestyle that I've always wanted. The freedom that a flat road provides and the competitive nature that surrounds it all becomes ....uplifting!

A combination of how I train and work out because whatever road you're on it'll lead you somewhere. Yet, it's almost a window into my life.

Everything happens for a reason...

I'll never know why things happened in my life the way they unfolded. It almost brings tears to my eyes as I reflect on some of those events. Very sad, deep-rooted pain can quickly unfold if I let it.

Today isn't one of those days. As I look back on the road behind me, I see that road. I see those hills. I feel it for what it was. It was my path to ride on.

It became my flat road to lead me where I am now. I found my flat road and I'm picking up speed.

Have you found your flat road? Have you been able to pick up speed, yet?

Smash Your Grape

The power of coaching can be found anywhere you need to put in the work.

The output will eventually reflect providing you with the ability to enjoy the scenery to your final destination.

The flat road produces an opportunity to do what you feel is needed to prepare for the hills ahead. And enjoy the experience along the way.

Have A Grapefull Day!

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