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The Fire Pit Experience

When my husband lost a challenge, he had to recreate a memory on our fire pit patio that celebrated food.

Creating a memory pulls in all of the senses, the flavors, aromas, and the people that you're surrounded with. My husband and I have been married for so long that we have many memories to look back on. Add in a challenge and you got yourself an elevated experience!

The Fire Pit Challenge

A few times a year my husband and I will create a challenge. We’re both competitive people and like to have fun! With that said, combining the two during the pandemic became a monthly event! In fact, similar to everyone else we were stuck at home. Our house didn’t need to be painted and I had already done spring cleaning twice. There's only so many things you can organize and then re-organize again!

As I say my son needs to get his wiggles out; we both needed to get our wiggles out! In this case, a challenge was accepted!

The loser of the challenge had to recreate a past memory from one of our vacations! Guess who won???!!! ME!! ….. I don’t remember what the challenge was because we’ve done so many of them at this point, but I do remember the winning prize. 

wine by the fire

He decorated our fire pit on our outside patio, which is usually covered in sand, dirt, and toys from our son. 

However, tonight it was strung with warm, soft lights. The fire pit was on, seeping out a warm heat, that left you feeling cozy. Then he proceeded with even more that elevated the experience with a rush of memories.

wine and cheese board

The Experience

It was beautiful and magical. My husband put some thought into this, that’s for sure!

Our son was fast asleep, on the rare occasions that we get to spend a night like this together and outside. It was a crisp, calm night with a little bit of chill in the air. Enough that I needed a light blanket to cover my legs. But the fire pit was toasty! As I sat down I noticed a delicious spread of cheeses, nuts, crackers, and grapes. My favorite 😉

He found a place close by that made the cheeseboard to our liking and everything was gluten-free for me. 

As we dug in, he opened a bottle of wine and we sat talking for hours.

The Memories

During the night it reminded me of our trip to Italy. We traveled all over and experienced one of the best trips of our lives. It has been the most memorable and exciting time for us. 

We drove to castles and wineries. We stayed in Rome, Pisa, and Venice. Read more about it here. 

However, the fire pit night reminded me of the night we stayed in Venice. We stayed at the Hilton Molino Stucky Hotel, with a room that was a few floors up with a great view. 

The reason it reminded me of this is that we ordered room service and the appetizers that came were salami and cheese. We devoured them! And then the next day when we went back to Pisa, where we searched high and low for the exact same cheese. Turns out one of them was goat cheese! I’ve never tasted something more delicious and creamy! I didn’t speak the language but was able to show a picture of what it looked like and the lady helped me find it! 

With attention to detail, the cheese that my husband bought and set out were the exact same ones from that night. It was lovely!

Venice, italy Gondola ride

Smash Your Grape

Experiencing food can be entertaining and exciting, it's kind of what you make of it. Food can be an expression of love, a memory, and something that can be celebrated.

Have A Grapefull Day!

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