Anchor your life into a healthy lifestyle … Starting at The Roots

The Roots Program is an online express training program - it's quick, strong, and organized like a double espresso! 

ONLY for the health-conscious who want an extra boost in nutrition AND fitness strategies to get ahead of everyone else!

Water your roots so that your lifestyle can grow!

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Overview of The Roots Program

Helping you strive towards a healthy, and sustainable lifestyle that's rooted in you!

What is it?

An online express training program to help you learn nutrition strategies, gain confidence in fitness, and build a sustainable, and healthy lifestyle.

You’ll receive bite-sized videos, done-for-you templates, and easy-to-follow guidelines.

Who teaches it?

You'll be guided along a deliberate path by Rachel Rodriguez. A leader at heart with 10+ years as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist condensing her knowledge and packing each lesson with tried and true fundamentals. 

"Don’t worry - I’ll be rooting for you the whole way!"

Is this for me?

This is ONLY for the health-conscious who is done with the fad diet hamster wheel, overwhelmed with what to do, or doubting your ability to create a healthy lifestyle.

At this point, aren’t you ready to SMASH that hamster wheel?!!!

Did you know that most people will try about 125 fad diets in their lifetime?

Their Restrictions

Will often create a box around your life, leaving you feeling confined.

Their Rules

Will often contradict important information for your health, leaving you feeling overwhelmed!

Their Resistance

Will often narrow your long-term road towards success, leaving you on that hamster wheel!

Their Removal

Will often remove certain food groups, leaving you regaining weight in the end.

Forget the cookie-cutter approach to weight loss. The Roots Program is only for the truly committed!

Taste Life. Experience A Healthy Lifestyle.

Anchor your spot today and join the waitlist, program coming soon!
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Everything You Need To Know

Whether you’re new to creating a healthy lifestyle or living it now, anchor your life … Starting at The Roots.

Here's what you'll learn in each Module.

icon-oval-grapes-green Shape your Meals with   Nutrition  

In Module 1 you'll be able to:

  • Develop a solid foundation for eating by going back to the basics - the roots!
  • Understand what's been holding you back so that you can go beyond weight loss
  • Generate simple strategies to shape your plate and elevate your palate
  • Gain insight into why I love fad's not what you think! But I'm probably the only Dietitian that uses this approach

icon-oval-grapes-red Shape your Body with   Fitness  

In Module 2 you'll also:

  • Focus on basic strategies and best practices reap big rewards
  • Discover the best elements of fitness to gain more energy through movements that you enjoy doing
  • Establish intentional steps to achieve your best body no matter what your skill set
  • Understand different levels of physical fitness because one type of exercise isn’t better than another

icon-oval-grapes-red Shape your Health with   Lifestyle  

In Module 3 you'll integrate and then:

  • Discover the most sought-after desires that create your lifestyle to work for you
  • Combine nutrition and fitness strategies to create more impact on your health which makes you happy!
  • Uncover what’s working and not working for you by digging deep in the dirt
  • Generate techniques and skills to tackle the most frustrating times during weight loss and maintenance

Here’s what's included in The Roots Program:

Shape Your Grape


What if you could learn how to smash the fad diet approach into pieces?

Shape Your Grape


What if you could gain confidence and discover your inner strength?

Shape Your Grape


What if you could build a process that works for you at ANY life stage created by your root system?

Here’s what you’ll get during the express training:

  • Everything is online - done at your own pace!
  • Total of 3 Modules in bite-sized video training sessions
  • Done-for-you templates 
  • Easy to follow guidelines
  • Strategy sessions to process information and think through ideas
  • Happy Handouts (aka continued exercises) that challenge you to create continued actionable steps 
  • HIPPA-approved member-only site - Access at any time

By the end of this program, you’ll get an extra boost and also: 

  • Learn how to smash the old fad diet box approach to pieces
  • Know how to create sustainability that actually works for you
  • Gain an inner strength and resilience created by your root system
  • Understand how to go beyond weight loss and feel more confident! 
  • Experience a shift in perspective putting you in the driver’s seat for your health
  • Build a deeper connection with yourself that aligns with your new outlook on a healthy lifestyle

Anchor your life - Strengthen your roots

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Founder & Owner: Rachel Rodriguez

The Roots Program helps you anchor a healthy lifestyle that's shaped from the ground up!

I designed this program with you in mind and created it into a quick, strong, and organized program to provide you with tools, guidelines, and strategies that'll give your nutrition and fitness an extra boost in life.

With over 10+ years as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, I know what it takes to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that works!

I've condensed my knowledge and experience into this step-by-step express training so that you can start tasting life! 

Our purpose is to help shape the dieting world into a better place - one bite at a time... Starting at The Roots!

Want more 1:1 support and guidance tailored specifically for you? - Check out our signature packages

Shape Your Grape

Signature Packages

Shape Your Grape

The Roots



Online - Express Training Program

Shape Your Grape




New Client Required Session

60 Minute Session

Shape Your Grape

1 Month



4 Sessions

60 Minutes each session

Shape Your Grape

3 Month



12 Sessions

60 Minutes each session

No Roots = No Growth

Over the years, I’ve come across so many people that want to get fit and be healthy. Yet, are struggling to focus on creating a sustainable lifestyle. 

Unfortunately, many are unable to find reliable information online. Or they are questioning the source of information because of where it’s coming from AND wondering who’s promoting it! 

A lot of influencers aren’t equipped with the right training and knowledge to help a client build a sustainable lifestyle because they only have their personal weight loss success story. 

And many so-called weight loss programs use “coaches” that have gone through their program only to teach you from a script. Not to mention endless paid wall blocks along the way.  

This is what got me thinking, and struck a nerve. I want to help you, the health-conscious person. By strengthening your foundation, specifically your roots so that you grow! AND have something to go back to as a baseline because life happens. 

That’s what inspired me to condense and create The Roots Program. 

You see it’s my belief that a healthy sustainable lifestyle is rooted in all of us. And it’s my purpose to help shape the dieting world into a better place - one bite at a time! 

So this program is only for those truly committed to using this step-by-step program, re-commit to your health while focusing on what’s most important… 


A lifestyle worth living is to taste it...You'll experience what it's like to taste life once again!

Anchor your spot today and join the waitlist, program coming soon!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Joining the waitlist does not require a credit card, you’re anchoring your spot to get notified of the Grand Opening of The Roots Program. The total cost of the program will be a one-time (paid in full) investment fee of $99.

The total value is $1599.

Doors will be opening soon, join the waitlist to anchor your spot. Once doors open and purchase is complete, then you’ll receive a link through your email to the HIPPA-approved member-only log-in site. You’ll be asked to create your personalized account and will have access to the life of the program.

This program isn't for everyone, if you:

  • ONLY want to focus on nutrition by itself. 
  • ONLY want to focus on fitness by itself.
  • CAN’T commit to taking ownership of your health, because this is an investment for today and your future.
  • DON’T have time dedicated because this is only for the truly committed- making time will be necessary to complete the modules.

The Roots Program is specifically created for the health-conscious that will understand the value behind this experience and have set the intention knowing that creating a healthy lifestyle takes time and commitment. You’re getting instant access to the program by applying the tools, strategies, and basic fundamentals to build a strong foundation. We DO NOT offer any sort of refunds because of this. 

Although you are receiving video-based online guidance from a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Shape Your Grape has not made any guarantees about the results of taking action, purchasing, or results. Shape Your Grape provides educational and informational resources that are intended to help the user/purchaser in creating a healthy lifestyle and otherwise. You nevertheless recognize and take full ownership that your ultimate success here and for the lifetime of this program will be due to the result of your own efforts, your particular situation, and innumerable other circumstances beyond the control and/or knowledge of Shape Your Grape. 

The results obtained by others do not guarantee that you or any other person or entity will be able to obtain similar results as health, nutrition, and fitness is a science and complex. 

Anchor your life into a healthy lifestyle … Starting at The Roots