Rachel Rodriguez  •  Nutrition

Rachel Rodriguez  •  Nutrition

85+ Pound Weight Loss | Part 1 of 2 |

Rachel's 85+ pound weight loss, a glimpse into her path as a new mom.

NO Dieting - Going Beyond Weight Gain

"Babe, babe wake up! I think my water broke!" Movies don't show what happens after this point, do they?! They show the woman being wheeled in breathing heavily, barely sweating, 2 pushes and out pops a baby. Yeah right, I wish!

Of course, the first interaction I had with a nurse once I stepped into the hospital was asking her as nicely and sincerely as possible, "Please don't tell me my weight, I don't want to know!" Thankfully she nodded, understood, and smiled. Yet, I couldn't help it I watched as she wrote it out on my form. I still don't know exactly, unfortunately, I had an idea.

I Gained over 70+ pounds

I gained over 70+ pounds from my beginning weight to giving birth. And I mentally set that aside to prepare for the birth of my son. Yes, I gained weight while being pregnant. Yep, I was called fat, or I’m getting too fat!  While being pregnant. And yes, it hurt my feelings.

To give you a little back story, my son was born in March 2018. Around Christmas time I remember laughing at my doctor's comment, "Well, we're hitting the holidays, we’re past the recommended 30 pounds or less weight gain.” I replied, “yep, we sure are!”

38 weeks bella and cooper

Every Pregnancy is Different

It's important to realize, every woman has different pregnancies, no two are ever alike. The sight of meat would make me sick. The smell of eggs would make me gag. Fruits and vegetables were out of the question. I figured out what worked, Taco Bell!

I can’t stand it now, but while pregnant Taco Bell was my friend! Nacho Bell Grande, Tacos loaded with Hot sauce were my BFF! I figured out if I couldn’t see meat or vegetables then I could keep food down. Casseroles and mixing in healthy vegetables were the way to go.

To point out, I could no longer see my feet! Easy slip-on sandals and Toms shoes were the comforts of choice because my belly was so big. At 38 weeks pregnant, this picture was the last one taken before the big day.

My full pregnant belly was ready to pop like a big red balloon full of confetti. Confetti to celebrate alright, my sweet little boy was born at 39 weeks bright-eyed and smiling, healthy as can be.

I was full of emotions, crying happy tears, relief because we had to do an emergency C-section, and was so excited because he was born.

Going Beyond Weight Loss - After Pregnancy

Although this may be true, I don't miss those 2 am feedings! However, I knew many other moms who either couldn't breastfeed, didn't produce enough milk or dried up too quickly. The emotional pain they went through was something that I remembered. I became grateful for being able to feed my child and cherished every moment I had bonding with him. I remember the coos and his loving eyes starring up at me. It melted my heart!

I wasn’t cleared yet to start working out but breastfeeding alone was burning enough calories. Instead, I focused on my diet. I researched the heck out of breastfeeding and nutrition. Different foods to increase milk production, and slowly learned my formula for producing enough milk and then some.

Once I was back to work, I bought a mini freezer and started pumping like crazy to build up my supply. I paid close attention to the fat film at the top and made a game out of it. I started learning the more protein and fat I ate the thicker my supply became. Counting calories was out of the question, I no longer cared. My eating habits mimicked Paleo Diet, Mediterranean, and American during this time. High protein, High fat, middle amount of carb.

In the same fashion, I went beyond weight loss and looked for cues that mattered to my situation at the time. My baby needed to be fed a lot!

Smash Your Grape

My son was a growing, hungry, strong little boy that could eat! And it was my job to give him what he wanted and needed. I mentally found a way to go beyond myself and care for my boy, and with my educational background, I learned how to eat for what was needed.

I mentally told myself one day I’ll lose the weight, but right now everything I do is to make and produce milk. One day I promise that I’ll start working out and get back to the size that I feel comfortable in. But today’s not the day! Nevertheless, I always keep my promise.

Have A Grapefull Day!

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